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Copy THIS Simple, Guaranteed Method I Use To last As Long As I Want Without Ever Losing Control, No Matter How Sexually Excited I Get

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Hi, I’m Jack Grave, creator of “Ejaculation Guru PDF“,

Some men are filled with shame and embarrassment when they ask questions about lasting longer in bed… they write stuff like, “please don’t answer this in your newsletter” (in fact, a couple of guys are probably mad at me right now thinking that I’m talking about HIM)…

Other guys are just very casual about it.  It’s just something they would like to get more control over, and they figure I’m a logical person to ask.

So here’s some answers to some specific things I hear all the time about learning to last longer:

Yes… it’s normal as rain in Seattle to not last very long your first couple of times.

Yes… you will probably get more control as you get older if you are in your teens or 20s.

Yes… It’s possible to suddenly have an issue with this later in life (and, yes, it sometimes resolves itself just as suddenly as it showed up)

Yes… When it happens once it can make it happen again and again and continue to get worse and worse due to anxiety.

Yes… When she says, “hold on! I’m almost there!” It can, frustratingly, cause you to immediately ejaculate.  (And yes, it’d be funny if you heard about it happening to someone else!)

Yes… It is frustrating for her… but if you are open and honest and have a sense of humor about it when talking to her about it, she’s not going to run off and leave you or cheat on you.

She just needs to know that you’re WORKING on it. Women will give you a lot of rope if they see you haven’t quit… and that’s true in everything.

(But if you are weird and defensive about it, she might feel justified in giving up on you)

Yes… You can LEARN complete control over your ejaculation so that you can hold back for as long as you desire, and you can let it go at will when you are ready.

There’s some very good techniques to help overcome the issue in my book… but I got enough of these questions that I finally realized that I had to create a dedicated program to deal with the issue.

The program that I developed took a great deal of time and research… and I studied everything from Taoist and Tantric techniques for lasting longer… to modern learning theories to make sure that I could transmit this information to you in a USABLE format that would guarantee your success.

And here’s some GREAT NEWS:

Now it turns out that controlling how long you last and experiencing “male multiple orgasm” are closely related topics, and that practice of one is practice for both…

But since both of them are functionally an “experience” rather than a “knowing”, trying to learn it only from a book is a low percentage game.

That is why this program has been designed as a progressive series of exercises.

In the pilot group of 100 that went through the program, exactly ONE person did not get great results and asked for a refund.

(And I have always assumed that is because he gave up without actually doing the exercises)

I believe that makes this the most effective method for learning ejaculation control that has EVER been made available.

And, yes, I am damn proud of that fact.

You can learn more about it right here

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I know you are going to get a lot more out of sex when you have this issue under COMPLETE control.

For Passion,



Ejaculation Guru Review